Moviemaker and eco-warrior James Cameron has urged young Americans to read up on the global climate issue and fight for jobs that will help them secure the future of the planet.
The Titanic director admits he's concerned by the declining interest in the environment in America as people struggle with their finances in the wake of a recession, and now believes it's up to the next few generations to turn the country green.
In a hard-hitting interview on new channel Msnbc on Friday (01Apr11), Cameron said, "They're not living in denial; they know this is the world they're going to inherit... I think education is first, really, understand the issues, understand the potential business models for renewable energy companies.
"Learn more about the public policy because it's up to the public to influence the leaders of this country to take the right action.
"Forget about recycling and all that stuff; we should all know by now to do that stuff. The best tip is get informed, read the books, understand what the stakes are... what the true consequences of climate change are gonna be."