Director James Cameron will discover whether his 1997 epic Titanic can resonate with the younger generation when it hits cinemas in 3-D this weekend. Older fans of the movie will no doubt be intrigued to see how the movie has developed, though studio bosses will be eager to tap into the youth market - currently dominated by The Hunger Games.

So does Titanic 3-D really stand a chance against Hollywood's newest box-office hit - a movie that took over $100 million during its opening weekend? Gary Ross' dystopian sci-fi drama stars Jennifer Lawrence as a girl who volunteers to fight to the death in her country's annual 'Hunger Games' - a competition that pits 24 children against each other in a bloody death match. It's a million miles from the adversity facing Titanic's Kate and Jack, though the recent trend in Hollywood blockbusters - Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games - suggest cinemagoers want something with a little more bite from their big-budget affairs. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Titanic got off to an impressive start following previews on Wednesday (April 4, 2012), taking around $6 million for the day. That would suggest a possible five-day opening of $27 million to $30 million, which could see it pip The Hunger Games to the top spot.

The original Titanic, which opened in December 1997, grossed $1.8 billion at the worldwide box office and was the top grossing movie of all time for more than a decade. Ironically, it was Cameron who broke his own record, following the release of Avatar in 2009.