The dream of being able to watch 3D movies without the need of glasses moved a step closer to realization on Tuesday with the endorsement of the Dolby 3D format by Cameron/Pace Group, headed by James Cameron and Vince Pace. Said Pace: The Dolby 3D format gives filmmakers the means to bring an artistic vision through production and distribution all the way to presentation while delivering what we believe to be the best possible 3D experience to consumers -- without the need for special glasses. Cameron, who revived interest in 3D with Avatar, said that his company is partnering with Dolby to create not just more 3D ... [but] great 3D without glasses, everywhere. Nevertheless, it was not clear just how the Dolby 3D system is different from other glasses-free systems, which usually require viewers to sit directly in front of the screen to be effective. There was also no indication of how much the system will cost.