McBusted will release a concert movie.

The pop-rock band - a hybrid of McFly and Busted's James Bourne and Matt Willis - will release the film 'TOURPLAY' in Vue cinemas across the UK in the near future.

The 'Love Is On The Radio' singers made the announcement last night (09.09.14), unveiling a trailer for the film which documents their 34-date sold out tour of the UK earlier this year.

In the trailer, 30-year-old James says of the tour: ''I don't really remember it being as good as this. I remember it being a really amazing time but I'm enjoying it more now.''

The supergroup - also made-up of Dougie Poynter, Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones and Harry Judd - will follow the lead of other bands and musicians such as One Direction and Katy Perry who have previously released successful concert movies.

Other scenes in the promotional clip include appearances on chat shows and reports from when the band first announced they were forming.

Fans are also treated to backstage footage which includes 28-year-old Harry Judd running around in the nude.

Ellie Goulding's beau, Dougie Poynter, 26, even compares the decision to embark on a tour with Matt Willis and James Bourne of Busted, to losing his virginity.

He said: ''This just felt like how you know when it's time to lose your virginity.

''Everything literally falls into place, hormones are running wild. It just feels right and it just feels safe.''