British pop star James Bourne is reviving his band Son Of Dork's music for a new stage show.
The singer, who also fronted hit U.K. boy band Busted, has penned new musical Loserville, about a geeky underdog who becomes popular with the opposite sex after inventing email.
Bourne worked with composer Elliot Davis to write the show, and used Son Of Dork's 2005 album Welcome to Loserville as his inspiration.
Davis says, "The Welcome to Loserville album had an absolute musical integrity, and what James did in three minutes, writing stories in pop songs, they were absolutely inspirational. The album is a foundation, a stepping stone for the musical... It's a stepping stone and it's an ingredient of what makes the musical...
"It's a timeless story about staying true to yourself, about belief, about being an outsider but still coming through."
The show is being staged at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds, England.