James Bourne received an “amazing” letter from Eric Clapton about his solo music.

The Busted rocker was very proud to receive a message of congratulations from the legendary musician after he released his song ‘Everyone Is My Friend’.

James said: “Eric Clapton wrote me an amazing note about the lead single, 'Everyone Is My Friend', which was pretty cool. "A lot of people said the song reminded them of him.”

The 37-year-old star is also pleased his new album, ‘Safe Journey Home’, has received the seal of approval from his Busted bandmates, Charlie Simpson and Matt Willis.

He told Britain’s OK! Magazine: “I played Matt a few songs and Charlie heard the single and tweeted about it, which was nice.

“They both seemed to really love it and they've said some really nice things.”

Although James won’t rule out another Busted reunion in the future, he’s enjoying having the opportunity to express himself properly with his solo work.

Asked about the possibility of a reunion, he said: “I'd definitely like to give my own music the space it deserves but I love the band and I'm really proud of it and I definitely wouldn't say no to another adventure.

"I'm just on a different adventure right now.

"You just don't get the room to express yourself like that when you're in a band, so I'm enjoying that side of things."

James has carved out a successful career as a songwriter for other artists, but he admitted that’s not been as “fulfilling” as working on his own music.

He said: “As I’ve got older, I'm at the point where I'm enjoying the freedom of releasing my own music. It's a nice change.

“It would irk me when I'd see my Spotify page with nothing on it.

“I've had a few years where I've just written for other people and it's not very fulfilling. The most fulfilling is when you're doing it for yourself."