James Bourne has no ''structure'' to his life.

The McBusted singer pays no attention to time and often baffles his bandmates with requests to socialise at unusual hours of the day.

He admitted: ''There's no structure to my life.''

Bandmate Harry Judd added: ''James doesn't really keep a time schedule like anyone else in life.

''He will call me up and be like, 'Do you fancy playing tennis?' And I'm like, 'Dude, it's nine at night.' ''

Tom Fletcher revealed: ''It'll be like, 11.30pm and James will be like, 'Shall we go and get a burger or something?' ''

James and Matt Willis were part of BAND AID 20's recording of 'Do They Know It's Christmas Time?' when they were members of Busted and admitted they were disappointed not to be involved in Band Aid 30.

James said: ''We'd have done it if we were asked, of course. It's always nice to be invited to a part where One Direction are going to be.''

Matt added to heat magazine: ''I didn't even know Band Aid 30 was happening until it had happened.''