The new James Bond movie will have its "own kind of action".

Screenwriter John Logan has promised the stunt scenes in the 23rd movie in the franchise - which sees Daniel Craig portray the iconic British spy for the third time - will stay true to the feel of the series as a whole while also have its own identity.

He explained: "The important thing about action sequence is that the action is appropriate to the story, there's no such thing as generic action because then you're watching stunts, you're watching special effects and you're very impressed by the second-unit photography but you're not engaged.

"So the important thing for me is making sure that the action belongs in that movie, cause there's such a thing as a Bond kind of action, and then there's a subset of that which is our 'Skyfall' kind of action, they all have their own definitions."

While the last film, 'Quantum of Solace', was a direct follow-up to its predecessor 'Casino Royale', it has been speculated that 'Skyfall' will be a standalone movie.

However, John insists he felt it was important to reference the earlier films as he views them as "part of a legacy".

He explained in an interview with movie website Collider: "It has nothing to do with being a standalone film, as far as I'm concerned, because I don't think these films are standalone, I think they're part of a legacy. When I was working on it I was deeply aware as much of 'Quantum of Solace' and 'Casino Royale' as I was of 'Thunderball', as I was of IAN FLEMING in the 50s writing it, you know you're a float in a parade."