Mark Ronson has scrapped plans to record a theme song for the new James Bond film with Amy Winehouse, he announced today.

The English-American music producer pulled the plug on the song for Quantum of Solace, the next movie in the 007 series, because he does not think troubled singer Winehouse is well enough to make music.

Ronson, 32, told Sky News: "We tried to work for a little bit. I'm not sure she's ready to work on music yet."

The pair began collaborating on the track at Ronson's studio in Henley, Oxfordshire, last month.

Ronson does not believe the track will ever be completed, saying: "I don't think so unless by some miracle of science it gets recorded and someone sings a vocal on it so probably not. We did work on it but we never finished it so that's about it."

Londoner Winehouse, 24, has struggled with alleged drug addiction and been beset with legal troubles in recent months but a spokesman for her said that these were not the reason the project had been dropped.

He said: "Mark has presented a track to Amy, but she had other ideas about the direction it should take. She has always made her own decisions about her music. Needless to say, this is part of the process between artist and producer and we're sure they will continue to make great music together."

03/05/2008 12:32:39