'James Bond' producer Barbara Broccoli has said she's open to the idea of a woman directing the next entry into the franchise. Not much is known about 'Bond 25' past the point that Daniel Craig will be returning to take on the leading role, but it seems more information is beginning to trickle out about the production of the film.

Ben Wishaw and Daniel Craig in Bond movie 'Spectre'Ben Wishaw and Daniel Craig in Bond movie 'Spectre'

In recent months, female-led Hollywood movies have done incredibly well, with 'Wonder Woman' being the obvious example to point to. Led by fan-favourite actress Gal Gadot and brilliant director Patty Jenkins, the film did so well in the box office that the pair will be returning for a now-confirmed sequel in the near future.

Fans clearly want to see stories told by women, but how would people react if a woman was to sit in the director's chair for a Bond movie? We could be about to find out.

Speaking whilst at the premiere for her new film 'Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool', the producer explained: "There are a lot of women working on this production which pleases me very much. It’s incredibly important to support a change in front of and behind the camera. I love working with women. It’s a different vibe. We have to promote women within the industry. Women are often tasked with taking care of children and ailing parents, so it’s hard for some women to sustain a career in this industry. We have to be more family-friendly, with childcare, flexible hours and job shares. At Eon, we have a lot of women doing job sharing and it’s easy with technology."

Of course, whether the next 'Bond' director is a man or a woman, what truly matters is that the person taking the position is the best person for the job, who has a clear vision for 'Bond 25' and who will make it the biggest success it could possibly be.

When it comes to series such as this one, there's a lot riding on each and every new instalment. Working on the next part of the legacy will be tough for anybody, but we're sure there are some brilliant female directors out there chomping at the bit to take their turn in the 'Bond' universe.

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'Bond 25' is expected to be released at some point in 2019.