James Blunt wants ''colourful socks'' for Christmas.

The 43-year-old singer has admitted he needs new hosiery because whenever he is on tour he loses his socks.

Speaking to Metro newspaper about the items on his wishlist, the 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker said: ''I would like some colourful socks, please, because I have been on tour and whenever my clothes have gone off to the wash in whatever city we're in, those socks always come back alone, that is, with a sock missing.

''I'm a colourful sock man so the standard grey or black replacements haven't really satisfied. So, some colourful socks, please. Preferably in pairs. Maybe even with a long cord like those mittens so they can go up the trouser leg.''

James has recently collaborated with Ed Sheeran who co-wrote 'Make Me Better' on the 'Don't Give Me Those Eyes' hitmaker's latest record 'The Afterlove', and James has teased he would like to collaborate with the red head again int he future.

Speaking previously about his plans for the future, he said: ''I really enjoyed writing with Ed. Let's wait it out and see, I think we are enjoying touring at the moment.

''I think both of us are not necessarily in full writing mode at the moment, but we'll see.''