James Blunt doesn't give a ''f**k'' about being a Twitter sensation.

The 'When I Find Love Again ' singer/songwriter has gained a reputation for his frank responses on Twitter, but Blunt has now admitted that he is not bothered with his sudden surge of popularity on the social networking site.

When asked by the new issue of heat magazine what the biggest misconception about him is, James replied: ''That I give a f**k.''

The 40-year-old singer also explained he was forced to sign up to the site in 2009 by his record label.

He shared: ''My record label set up the account and asked me to answer people, so I did. Then they phoned me up and asked me to stop.

''Twitter is just people's opinions, and opinions are like a**eholes - everyone has one.''

Speaking about some of his best replies to messages from haters or online trolls, James revealed that he often thinks them up on the spot before revealing that he offers support to people who are getting bullied as a result of his quips.

He told the publication: ''The best ones are always the most spontaneous.

''Some have been funnier than others. If I think the person I'm replying to might be harassed as a result, I DM [Direct Message] them to say it's all in good humour, and if any of my followers give them hassle, they can let me know. I don't want it to be part of that hate-filled cycle that seems to purvey though the internet.''