James Blunt ''looks like Barbie'' in his new music video.

The 40-year-old singer rides a horse in the promotional film for his new single 'When I Find Love Again' but says the animal's unusual colouring made for a less-than-masculine appearance for him in the footage.

He said: ''The horse was albino and had really weird eyes. When it sweated, its hair became transparent, it's skin showed through and it turned pink. So my video is me riding round on a great big pink pony, like Barbie.''

The 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker hadn't ridden a horse since leaving the army 12 years ago and admits he found shooting the video tough.

He added ''Spending seven hours on a horse for the shoot was pretty funny actually.

''It was exhausting and quite painful. I wasn't walking too well the following day.''

James released a new album, 'Moon Landing', earlier this year and admits he was thrilled by the response to the record, despite previously insisting he didn't care.

He told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''I was surprised by the success. When I was doing interviews, they asked if I cared about the chart placing and I would say no and that it was all about the artistic integrity and all that. But the reality is, I was lying to myself. Of course it mattered how well it did.''