James Blunt has announced he’ll be releasing a new album next year, in his typical self-deprecating manner.

Blunt, who's still best remembered for his 2005 hit ‘You're Beautiful’, is known for his funny Twitter comebacks, often replying to negative comments about his music career.

James BluntWatch out: James Blunt will be releasing new album next year

On Tuesday morning the singer tweeted: “If you thought 2016 was bad - I'm releasing an album in 2017.”

The as-yet-untitled album will be Blunt’s fourth studio record, following 2013’s Moon Landing, which reached number two in the UK album charts.

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Blunt has become something of a twitter legend in recent years thanks to his self-deprecating humour and epic put-downs. His Twitter bio even reads that he is “proof that one song is all you need,” referring to ‘You’re Beautiful’s’ success.

Earlier this year when one viewer tweeted: “Who the f**k invited James Blunt to the Invictus Games?” The singer replied: “Prince Harry. By text. BOOM!”.

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He then recently told another user. “don’t use me as an excuse”, after they tweeted: “Does anybody else wanna kill themselves when James blunt comes on that f**king advert?”.

But despite the negativity on social media, Blunt has sold over 20 million albums and 20 million singles worldwide. His 2004 debut album Back to Bedlam was also the the best selling record of the 2000s in the UK.