James Blake will finally release new single 'You're Too Precious' this week.

The British singer/songwriter had teased the song, his first new material since his acclaimed 2019 record, 'Assume Form', last year, but during an Instagram Live with fans this week, he finally shared a snippet of the track and announced the release date of April 24.

James - who is in a relationship with actress Jameela Jamil - previously revealed the track is a love song about ''wanting to take a little bit of someone's load and just loving that person''.

The 'Limit to Your Love' singer also admitted that he's not ''making a promise'' with regards to whether he'll be releasing a new album.

Speaking back in October, he said: ''We'll see what kind of takes material form.

''With all this stuff, I am guilty of kind of making a promise to myself before I know I can keep it sometimes with songs, or with albums, or whatever. ''This time, I just wanna keep the innocence of being in a room and just making some music and not really caring where it goes.''

However, in December, he opened up about his new approach to songwriting now that he's ''feeling comfortable'' in his ''own skin''.

He said: ''I'm trying to dive into the most free, un-self-conscious part of myself.

''I think it's easier once you've gone through the tough 20s.

''I'm 31 now and I feel like I've been through the worst of the turbulence, and a lot of the things that would plague my mind when writing and performing are easing up and I'm feeling comfortable in my own skin.''

Meanwhile, James has been busy hosting Instagram Live concerts for his fans after all of his gigs were cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.