James Blake says music was his "primary form of communication" because he lacked confidence in the past.

The singer insists he's a lot more self-assured now but he admits there was a time where he turned to music to help him communicate.

He said: "Music was my primary form of communication in a lot of ways. But as I became more confident again – and I say 'again' because I was confident as a child, and then I lost it somewhere along the line - but then when I got my confidence back, all I wanted to do was chat.

"I’ve created so many songs in my life, it’s like creating a song isn’t as important as having fun anymore."

James also reflected on his past music, admitting he used "flowery" language in a bid to "flex his vocabulary" rather than worry about meaning.

Speaking to independent.co.uk, he added: "My language was much more flowery in the past because I think sometimes I was flexing my vocabulary but not actually arriving at something meaningful, or I was using a certain word because I felt fear about using the simple word, because I thought the simple word would reveal how pathetic I was for feeling that thing. But it’s not actually pathetic to feel vulnerable.

"The way that I grew up, I was made to feel that vulnerability was a shameful feeling as a man especially, and so I just think I unconsciously covered those feelings up with language that wasn’t accessible."

James' new album is called 'Friends That Break Your Heart' and it is out on October 8.