James Bay hasn't ruled out switching up his hairstyle again.

The 'Hold Back The River' hitmaker chopped off his lengthy trademark tresses and ditched his signature fedora hat when he released his second album 'Electric Light' in 2018, and he admitted at the time that he loved the anonymity that came with his shorter style.

The 'Chew On My Heart' singer's hair has gotten longer during the coronavirus lockdown and he has insisted he won't be chopping off his locks again just to suit his fans.

Just like his idol, the late David Bowie, the 29-year-old star explained that he is bound to have a few different looks over the years.

He told NME.com: ''It's the funniest thing. Over the past week or so, in the spirit of remembering live music during this strange time, I've been posting some clips from a solo acoustic show I did to reminisce with fans. I posted one of me with an acoustic guitar and very short hair alongside a few more recent ones with my long, lockdown hair. Every other comment on these videos is: 'Bring back the short haircut! I miss the short hair! Cut the hair!' I can't win! All my musical heroes have had hundreds of different haircuts over the years, like David Bowie. Don't rule out another new hairstyle soon.''

Asked if it was a risk to lose his famous hairstyle, James - who has been giving fans guitar lessons on social media - said two years ago: ''I started growing my hair at 11 or 12, so once I was 14 or 15, it was how it looked last year. So, I was all about getting my hair cut.

''Now I can walk the streets and people aren't jumping on me, especially when I'm not touring the music, so it's not a huge problem. But when your identity becomes so public, you want to change. You want to change when it's the right time.

''Because it'd become something of a trademark for me, there's always something scary about taking the leap, and going, 'Okay, you had a thing that you were known for, along with the music. Now, you're gonna throw that away.' I would always have chosen to do this.''