James Arthur could release another new album within a year.

The 'Say You Won't Let Go' hitmaker says he could a follow-up to number one smasher 'Back From The Edge - which was released in October - as he has another material laying around from this album.

The hunky pop star also admitted that he would like to validate his success by bagging some awards for his music.

Speaking at gig put on by The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, he said: ''It's really tough to think that far ahead at the moment.

''I would just love to put out another album because I've got so much s**t left over from the last album, so much stuff like I could put out another two albums.

''More music. I'd love to win more awards for validation.''

James Arthur was so ''depressed'' while making his album that he felt ''sick'' just picking up a guitar.

The 28-year-old singer recently released his number one comeback album 'Back From The Edge' has admitted the recording process was ''tough'' as attempting to use instruments and pen lyrics would often ''trigger weird anxiety''.

Talking about making the songs on his second album, he admitted: ''The most emotional songs on the album to write were probably not the one's you expect.

''There's a song on the latter part called 'If Only', that was one when I was pretty depressed.

'''Finally' was one I wrote and I was pretty depressed.

''Even picking up a guitar would make me feel sick, trigger off all that weird anxiety. 'The Truth' was a tough one to write, and 'Trainwreck.'''