James Arthur ''needs'' to produce a ''club bangers album.''

The 28-year-old musician believes he has made ''too many heartfelt emotional ballads'' and he needs to start making music similar to Usher's more popular tracks, which are commonly played in nightclubs.

Speaking about his music to the Metro newspaper, the vocalist said: ''I've made too many heartfelt emotional ballads. I need to make my Usher club bangers album''.

And the 'The X Factor' champion - who won the talent contest in 2012 - believes his success in the music industry has ''trumped'' everything he has ever done and has made up for any errors he has made during his career.

He explained: ''Music has trumped everything that I've done. It's made up for all the mistakes.

''Looking back I was a bit of a troll [myself].''

Although Arthur has described himself as a ''troll'' he has urged people to be ''cool'' and not put others down.

the 'Impossible' hitmaker continued: ''I had to have a hard look at myself, but I put that off with drugs and other things.

''But what I've learned about social media is that you should try to use it to make people feel good. I think the tide is turning in that. The consensus now is that it's not cool to put people down.''