James Arthur has handed over all social media responsibilities to his record label after posting a diss track about rapper Micky Worthless that featured explicit gay slurs.

james ArthurJames Arthur Has Quit Twitter

The track - uploaded on Saturday - was immediately set upon by comedians Matt Lucas and Frankie Boyle, who deemed it homophobic. Arthur initially defended himself before deleting the tweets and claiming his management would be "doing all [his] tweets from now on," according to The Express.

The track, which sees Arthur attempting to defend his credibility, contains lyrics including, "I wrote every single song on my album and the realest feel it," though it becomes more aggressive and after the North-East singer suggests Worthless should "shoot himself," Arthur fires off: "You probably want to put your st*nky dick in me, you f*cking queer."

He adds: "Hilarious, precarious you Talibani confused, imbellic mimic of a gimmick."

The original diss track, by Worthless, is horrible. I mean, easily one of the worst ever recorded, but James Arthur's response just might be worse. "Mickey, please stop making your music it's not very good." Yep, that's in there.

Anyway, Little Britain star Matt Lucas tweeted: "F*** you @JamesArthur23 for using the phrase 'f****** q***r'." to which James replied, "I've heard I've offended Matt Lucas whose work I've always admired and that is a blow. Deeply sorry to gay or lesbian people." He also claimed X-Factor star Ryan Clark "is one of my best mates and he is as gay as they come!"

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