James Arthur believes him and Louis Tomlinson are ''just a couple of chavs''.

The 28-year-old musician had been involved in a Twitter spat with the former One Direction band member for a number of years, which they have since put to bed, but the vocalist believes the pair are both ''common'' and share a love for the same things including football and bands.

Speaking to Metro newspaper about the 25-year-old singer, he said: ''We're just a couple of chavs really. We're both common, we're both football fans, we love the same bands.''

However, the 'Impossible' hitmaker has praised the 'Just Hold On' vocalist as a ''sound lad''.

He explained: ''He's a sound lad.''

Although the pair have put their feud behind them, James has claimed the boy band's supporters still hold a grudge.

He said: ''They still hold a grudge over the Louis thing even though we've made friends and stuff. They were like, 'We'll never forget what you did.'''

Meanwhile, James is over the moon he is recognised in America because he believes it makes people in the UK ''sit up''.

He said: ''It's great to be recognised [in the States]. It makes people back home sit up and take notice.''