James Arthur believes he has changed 'The X Factor'.

The 28-year-old musician, who won the ninth season of the ITV talent show in 2012, thinks he should be credited by the shows boss Simon Cowell and his label Syco becaus he thinks he has proved an artist can be a successful solo artist by going it alone.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper about his career, the 'Recovery' hitmaker said: ''I've changed the game.

''I wanted that, coming back to 'The X Factor' and Syco; maybe they'll recognise what I did in terms of how contestants approach the process of being on 'The X Factor' now. You can do things your own way.''

Arthur was booted out of Syco in 2013 after a Twitter feud saw him use derogatory homophobic language to slam rapper Micky worthless.

However, he rejoined the 57-year-old music mogul's label because he thought he would have been a ''fool'' not to.

He explained: ''Because I'm a sucker for the story. I mean, what a compliment. They notoriously let people go, so to ask me back, I would've been a fool to say no. It's a bit of a fairy tale, a 360, full-circle thing.''

Arthur has released his brand new album 'Back from the Edge' on Friday (28.10.16).