Jamelia's rapper ex-boyfriend MAXWELL D was forced to flee a Birmingham, England, nightclub - after gunmen fired a series of shots at him.

The attack at the city's Air nightclub came just weeks after he sold sex secrets to a British tabloid, revealing how he had sex with the THANK YOU singer in the back of his car while watching Gladiator on DVD.

Insiders claim the hitmen were out to make him pay for selling his story and one says, "Jamelia has a lot of support in Birmingham and he was a fool to have tried to humiliate her. He's an even bigger fool if he did not realise that certain people would have been offended."

The former PAY AS YOU GO CARTEL frontman escaped unhurt from the incident on 5 September (04), and insists he has no regrets about doing the kiss-and-tell story.

He says, "The only reason I used her name is because she doesn't give a s*** about me. I didn't feel that I had to show her loyalty."

20/09/2004 14:06