‘Loose Women’ presenter Jamelia has described the frightening encounter she had with a man on Monday, who hurled racial abuse at her in front of her two young daughters. The former popstar first described the event in a Facebook post, but opened up more on the ordeal during Tuesday’s show.

JameliaJamelia has described the racial abuse incident she suffered on Monday.

Jamelia said it began when she overtook a man in her car on Monday morning while she was in a rush driving to the train station. The 35-year-old said that after she and her two daughters got out of their car the man followed them and started shouting abuse.

"At first I thought I was in trouble. I was just like 'I'm so sorry, I was rushing to catch the train,’” she told the ‘Loose Women’ panel. "Then he says to me 'What's wrong with you?' and starts going on with expletives. I asked him not to swear in front of my children.”

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"He said you lot make me sick, and when he said you lot, that's when I thought 'What does he mean?’ I can't even say exactly what he said but he put he word black in there. I got really, really scared. Scared for myself and for my girls. I just wanted to get out of there.

"I am 35 and I have never, never experienced anything like that.” He pushed the door open and my first instinct was to run. We were astonished. You never, never expect to go thought anything like that. I was just taking my kids to school.”

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Jamelia first thought the man was a police officer because he was wearing a uniform, but after reporting the incident to the police they said he could be a security guard or someone else in a position of authority.

She added that the police had been “fantastic” since she reported the incident. After her ‘Loose Women’ appearance Jamelia took to Facebook again to urge others to report similar incidents. ‘I URGE you, if you are victim to anything like this, REPORT it! This is 2016, NO-ONE deserves to endure racism on any level,” she wrote.