Review of Beware Of The Dog Single by Jamelia

Beware Of The Dog
Single Review

Jamelia Beware Of The Dog Single

I wasn't going to review this but I thought that someone needs to educate the record industry, if you go on I-Tunes the genre next to this track is R&B (my stomachs aching with laughter), the record company tries to spin the yarn that Jamelia is the UK's answer to Beyonce. Well I have news for the aforementioned it ain't R&B and she definitely ain't no Beyonce.

This is as far removed from R&B as Motor Head is and Jamelia is about as much like Beyonce as Pink is. I don't care if people sell out, it s a free world and we all have to keep a roof over our family's heads. But please don't insult this genres intelligence by trying to insist that Jamelia is still an R&B act, perrrrrleaase.

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