Jameela Jamil insists fame is ''not an easy path''.

The 'Good Place' actress admits it is tough being a celebrity because you ''get hurled up on to a pedestal'' and it is a ''long way down'' if you are to fall off it.

She said: ''It's not an easy path. You get hurled up on to a pedestal and it always feels a bit like a trap - it's very high, it's easy to slip off and it's a long way down. I'm just learning, I'm not the authority on anything. I've not handled myself perfectly at all times, but I am a human, prone to error.''

And the 34-year-old actress and presenter has slammed those who launch a ''smear'' campaign against her.

She added: ''It's when it's a lie, a smear campaign - that doesn't sit well with me because that's the technique of discredit. We make [women] sound crazy and unhinged, and we try to devalue their word and their work.''

And Jameela - who started her career as a television presenter before making her way into the acting industry - understands why people may see her as the ''enemy'' because she is a ''slim, privileged person''.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, she said: ''I look like the enemy. I'm a slim, privileged person who exists within this industry; I totally get the mistrust. I will just have to do the work to prove I wasn't such a s***bag after all. I'm not doing this for popularity. I'm doing this so that I can undo the stuff that I saw when I was younger, that made me unwell, and try to change it. And sometimes you have to be annoying and attention-seeking in order to instigate that change.''