Jaleel White kicked up a fuss backstage at Dancing with the Stars last night (April 30, 2012), unhappy that he wasn't getting more praise from the judges. He and his dance partner Kym Johnson may have won the team tango but their individual dance failed to set the judges' worlds on fire. They ended the night with the second lowest score and will have to pray that they survive tonight's elimination.
Jaleel had plenty to say on the matter, telling E! News backstage "We didn't get any accolade for that. They just started playing the music like we were at the Oscars and they wanted to get us off the stage! I'm like, 'Hold on, hold on, we've been working on this team dance for a week! We don't get a hooray at the end or something?'" Jaleel insists that he's doing it for the fans, though and won't let the judges' lack of praise for all of his hard work get him down: "Ultimately (the fans are) what I do it for, that's why I was so pumped up for the team dance, which we won by the way."
One couple that definitely weren't suffering from a lack of praise was Maria Menounos and Derek Hough, who scored the first perfect 30 of the season. "It's really crazy, it hasn't even sunk in yet! It was just a really, really great night. First perfect score!" said Derek after the show. An emotional Maria told reporters "I think I might bawl my brains out after this. The rumba was one of my favorite dances because I felt like I was in a movie."