Jake Shears has received death threats.

The Scissor Sisters frontman was shocked at the end of the group's last tour when he was told his security had been stepped up because of a menacing letter that had been sent to him, but he insists the correspondence didn't really worry him.

He said: ''At the end of the tour I was told someone had written a letter threatening to shoot me. Was I annoyed they hadn't told me earlier? No! I don't need to know. Besides, I can't think of a better way to die.''

The 'Only the Horses' hitmaker also admitted he struggles to gain weight so never worries about over-eating.

He said: ''Actually, I'm one of those people that has to eat more to keep their weight on.''

However, there are some foodstuffs which the singer feels ''bad'' about putting into his meals.

He admitted: ''I feel bad about eating pigs because you can tell they have these little souls. Cows, though, are dumber than a box of rocks. As for chickens, I don't feel bad at all. They've had plenty of time to evolve and it's just not happening for chickens.''