'Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr are already very familiar with each other from their time starring on Fox's hit sitcom 'New Girl,' but will their hilarious partnership translate onto the big-screen in the new comedy 'Let's Be Cops?'

The trailer for the upcoming flick premiered Monday (April 28th) and it is clearly obvious their new characters are not a stone's throw away from who they play in 'New Girl.'

Let's Be Cops
'New Girls' co-stars, Johnson and Wayans, starring in 'Let's Be Cops' 

In the two minute clip we see the comedy duo portray two late-20's to mid-30's losers who have nothing better to do than dress up and pretend to be cops. While impersonating police officers they are thrown into a wild new life, but there are constant hints that this will be cut short by something either of them will struggle to handle.

So what is the story behind the trailer?

Johnson's and Wayans' collaboration in the feature film follow the tale of two close friends who just can't seem to get a break in life, and are growing tired of their constant stumbles.

Watch the trailer for 'Let's Be Cops' here

But everything changes when the pair decide to take their minds off their financial woes by attending a costume party dressed as police officers. Bizarrely, the fellow partygoers assume they are real cops and upon realizing this, Johnson and Wayans decide to play along.

They spend the rest of the night enforcing the law to their fellow guests for various minor issues, and as the feeling of this authority becomes addictive, they purchase an old police car and keep the act up, the best pals soon become local heroes in their neighbours for their lenient nature.

Let's Be Cops
Damon Wayans Jr and Jake Johnson in character for a presentation of the film at Cinemacon 2014

However, as their newly formed status runs its course, the pair find themselves caught in the real underworld and are forced to take drastic measures in order to escape.

The comedy is slated to hit theatres on August 13th.