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The Mummy Review


To launch their new Dark Universe franchise, Universal has taken an approach that mixes murky visuals with exaggerated action. It's certainly nothing like the involving classic monster movies they're trying to reignite, such as the 1932 Boris Karloff classic The Mummy. But this movie has more in common with Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible and Jack Reacher blockbusters, with added swimming zombies.

Cruise plays Nick, an American army officer and mercenary who with his cohort Vail (Jake Johnson) has just located a long-lost burial site deep in Daesh-controlled Iraq. Somehow, the hot archaeologist Jenny (Annabelle Wallis) arrives immediately to stop him from plundering this tomb. It turns out that the sarcophagus contains the remains of ancient Egyptian Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), who was mummified alive for making a pact with the evil god Set and then murdering her father and brother. Now transported to London, she returns to life with a vengeance, casting a spell on Nick to help reassemble Set's dagger and finish her nefarious plan. So Jenny turns to her deeply unstable boss Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe) for help.

There's rather a lot of mythology building going on here, setting things up for the further adventures of Jekyll's secret society, which is trying to deal with ancient evil like a mash-up of Men in Black and Night at the Museum. Without the humour. There are some throwaway gags here and there, but director Alex Kurtzman stages everything with a gloomy sense of foreboding that simply never gains traction. The thin plot seems constructed merely to connect a series of enormous action set-pieces, which are all very well choreographed but never remotely exciting. It doesn't help that everything on-screen has been extravagantly over-designed, with cavernous sets that have been made deliberately dark and sooty. But this leaves the entire movie feeling artificial, random mayhem in fake places.

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Jessica Biel To Guest Star On 'New Girl', Later This Year

Jessica Biel Zooey Deschanel Jake M. Johnson

Film actress Jessica Biel is set to make a guest turn in the hit US comedy series 'New Girl' later this year.The show, which stars Zooey Deschanel – The Queen Of All Things Quirky TM - is set to return for its fourth season in September. Biel will play “the hottest scientist in the world”, according to the Hollywood Reporter, and will apparently obstruct Deschanel’s character Jess’s attempts to hook up with a guy at a wedding.

New GirlJessica Biel is headed for 'New Girl'

More: What has made 'New Girl' such a success?

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Finally, We Know The Plot For Colin Trevorrow's 'Jurassic World'

Chris Pratt Jake M. Johnson Bryce Dallas Howard

We were a little sceptical about last week's plot leak regarding Jurassic World, not least because Universal had done a pretty great job of keeping a lid on things so far. However, it's with a heavy heart that director Colin Trevorrow has confirmed that the rumors leaking online were in fact accurate.

Jurassic World

In an exclusive interview with /Film, a downbeat Trevorrow said: "When I was a kid, you got to discover everything at once, it washed over you and blew your mind. Now it only takes one person to spoil it for everyone else. I hope whoever leaked it is actively trying to undermine what we're doing. Because if they're trying to help, they're doing it wrong."

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Video - Lea Michele Turned Heads With Plunging Neckline At FOX Upfronts - Part 8

'Glee' star Lea Michele turned heads in a very short, green, silky dress with an extremely daring plunging neckline at the FOX Upfronts presentation at The Beacon Theater in New York.

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'New Girl' Co-Stars, Jake Johnson And Damon Wayans Jr, Feature In Hilarious Trailer For 'Let's Be Cops'

Jake M. Johnson

'Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr are already very familiar with each other from their time starring on Fox's hit sitcom 'New Girl,' but will their hilarious partnership translate onto the big-screen in the new comedy 'Let's Be Cops?'

The trailer for the upcoming flick premiered Monday (April 28th) and it is clearly obvious their new characters are not a stone's throw away from who they play in 'New Girl.'

Let's Be Cops
'New Girls' co-stars, Johnson and Wayans, starring in 'Let's Be Cops' 

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Let's Be Cops Trailer

A pair of best pals are at the point where they are contemplating why nothing in their lives seems to have turned out right so far. To take their mind off their money issues, however, they decide to attend a life-changing costume party - dressed as cops. Everyone seems to assume that they really are law enforcers and they decide to abuse their position by executing their 'power' over party-goers for various minor issues. Hooked on their so-called status, they decide to purchase an old police car despite the risk of being sent to jail for several years for impersonating officers of the law. They are soon favoured by the neighbourhood for their laid-back attitude, but as their fame starts to spiral out of control, they find themselves caught up in the real life criminal underworld with no easy way out.

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How 'New Girl' Became One Of The Best Shows On Television

Zooey Deschanel Max Greenfield Jake M. Johnson

New Girl has gained such an enthusiastic and loyal fan base since it began back in 2011 that it is now considered one of the best shows on television. The series, which follows the antics of wacky Jess and her three male housemates, has become popular with both men and women, replacing the FRIENDS-shaped void left in our lives when Ross, Rachel and crew left us back in 2004 (was it that long ago?!).

zooey deschanel new girl Zooey Deschanel on the set of New Girl

The show’s creator, Elizabeth Meriwether, has claimed that on any other show Jess would have been left on the sidelines of the major action, whereas in New Girl, she is the star. The show marketed Zooey’s character as “Simply Adorkable”, in comparison to her much more conventionally cool friend, model Cece.

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Prince Releases Full Length 'FALLINLOVE2NIGHT' New Girl Duet With Zooey Deschanel

Prince Zooey Deschanel Jake M. Johnson Hannah Simone

Prince and Zooey Deschanel - in the guise of New Girl's Jess - have released their full duet 'FALLINLOVE2NIGHT' from a February episode of the hit comedy.

Prince Prince performing in Kent at the Hop Farm Festival in 2011.

The episode, broadcast after the Super Bowl, was watched by 25.8 million viewers, according to The L.A. Times. Prince and Deschanel's performance of the upbeat 'FALLINLOVE2NIGHT' proved so popular a number of petitions were created requesting the song be released as a single. Prince and his band, 3RDEYEGIRL were happy to obliged and released a full length version of their duet on Friday (15th March). 

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Prince's 'New Girl' Shoot Snap Ramps Up Excitement Ahead Of Super Bowl Episode: Check It Out

Zooey Deschanel Prince Jake M. Johnson Hannah Simone

Not long after we first heard Prince would be making his debut cameo in an episode of Fox comedy New Girl, we've already been gifted with the first on-set snap showing The Purple One looking cool yet solemn squeezed in between Zooey Deschanel's Jess and Jake Johnson's Nick on a stone bench.

Prince New Girl
'New Girl' Super Fan Prince Will Make His Debut Cameo In The Comedy After The Super Bowl.

A raspberry beret would have made an excellent addition to Jess' quirky and preppy wardrobe but there seems to be no sign of one in the shot. Instead, the actress in clad in a grape-coloured coat, with Prince in black leather and Nick strangely wearing a black suit and tie.

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'New Girl's' Jake Johnson, Who Plays 'Nick', Comments On Prince Appearing In Super Bowl Episode

Jake M. Johnson

The Fox sitcom 'New Girl' welcomed a new cast member on set for their upcoming Super Bowl episode.

Music icon Prince makes a guest appearance on the show and is expected to interfere with 'New Girl's' favourite couple Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel).

The 55 year-old will play himself and invites 'Jess' to a house party at one of his mansions, but as soon as her pals get wind of this, they try to do anything to attend.

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Bad Neighbors - Teaser Trailer

Kelly and Mac Radner are a young married couple with a baby daughter who are starting to feel a little claustrophobic inside their family home and are desperate to get back into the party spirit. However, the phrase 'be careful what you wish for' couldn't be more apt when they watch a college fraternity move into the house next door. In a bid to get their new neighbours to keep the wild partying to a minimum, they attempt to welcome the seemingly friendly new arrivals. To no avail, however, as they end up having to call the police when one party gets out of control and find themselves subsequently being terrorised in all areas of their lives by the frat boys. Determined not to be victimised by a group of college kids, the Radner's respond with their own revenge tactics - but who will have the upper hand in the end?

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Drinking Buddies Review

Very Good

Small and earthy, this low-key drama simply follows a group of 30-ish characters as they use their friends to sort out their own issues. It's nicely played with a raw openness, although filmmaker Swanberg has a tendency to overdramatise scenes to make a point rather than letting things play out organically. Even so, it's sometimes painfully easy to identify with these flawed people.

The story is set around a small Chicago brewery, where Kate (Wilde) works in the office then hangs out after hours with the guys who make the beer. So she's often late arriving home to her music producer boyfriend Chris (Livingston). For a weekend away, Kate and Chris are joined by Kate's work buddy Luke (Johnson) and his girlfriend Jill (Kendrick). But as they hike in the countryside and hang out together, attraction springs up in all the wrong places. Back home, Kate and Chris decide to separate, while Jill heads off on a long-planned holiday on her own. And as Luke helps Kate put her life back together, their flirtation comes to a head.

In fine mumblecore style, this film meanders through its scenes focussing on conversations while skipping over some key moments that might have helped us understand things more clearly. It feels more like a slice of life than a plot-driven story, even though we can see early on that Kate and Luke are on a potentially messy collision course. Fortunately, both Wilde and Johnson bring offhanded honesty to their roles, creating realistically awkward interaction that bristles with possibilities. These are people at a specific point in life where they feel the need to settle down even as they're still exploring their options.

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Quentin Tarantino's Top 10 Movies Of 2013 (So Far)

Quentin Tarantino Woody Allen Kathryn Hahn Juno Temple Richard Linklater Cate Blanchett James Wan Vera Farmiga Patrick Wilson Joe Swanberg Jake M. Johnson Olivia Wilde Alfonso Cuaron George Clooney Sandra Bullock Gore Verbinski Seth Rogen Johnny Depp

Movie buffs have begun to anticipate Quentin Tarantino's Top 10 movies lists in recent years. The legendary director's run-down of his favorite movies of the year has made for interesting reading in recent years and is often regarded as the antithesis of the Academy's choices of the year's best.

Juno Temple Kathryn HahnJuno Temple [L] and Kathryn Hahn [R] In 'Afternoon Delight'

He passed on devising a list last year, owing to Django Unchained, though in 2011 Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris - a wonderful movie that actually went onto win Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars - topped Quentin's list, edging out Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the excellent Moneyball, with Brad Pitt. Tarantino threw in a couple of curveballs with X-Men: First Class, The Skin I Live In, Attack The Block and Warrior.

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Neighbors - Red Band Trailer

Mac and Kelly Radner are filled with enthusiasm when they learn that the house next door is up for sale and can't wait to welcome their new neighbours into the area. However, watching the arrival of a removal truck and a bunch of college kids clutching a sign made up of Greek letters, they realise that it has in fact been sold to the local school's fraternity which could spell big trouble due to their party-heavy reputation, but, nonetheless, they do their best to greet the young owners. Soon, though, they become the neighbours from hell when Mac and Kelly's newborn baby is exposed to frequent episodes of debauchery and even the couple themselves become a target for chaos. They decide it's time to get their own back and vengefully strike out against the frat house - but that only makes their lives worse.

'Neighbors' is an over-the-top but nonetheless hysterical new comedy directed by Nicholas Stoller ('Forgetting Sarah Marshall', 'Get Him to the Greek', 'The Five-Year Engagement') and written by Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O'Brien in their screenwriting debuts. Touching on the very real anxieties about college antics and new neighbours, it is set for release on March 7th 2014.

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Olivia Wilde's 'Drinking Buddies,' The Smartest Comedy Of The Year

Olivia Wilde Jake M. Johnson Anna Kendrick Joe Swanberg

Joe Swanberg's new comedy Drinking Buddies is set in a craft brewery, in Chicago. It's not your typical setting or the likes of Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick and Jason Sudeikis to 'do their thing,' though it works, to perfection, in places.

Drinking BuddiesJake Johnson [L] and Anna Kendrick [R] Star in 'Drinking Buddies'

It premiered at the 2013 South by Southwest Film Festival whilst also screening at the Maryland Film Festival and received solid reviews. It follows Kate and Luke (Wilde and Johnson), co-workers at the brewery where they spend their days drinking and flirting.

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Dennis Farina Remembered By 'New Girl' Stars Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson

Dennis Farina Zooey Deschanel Jake M. Johnson Dustin Hoffman

Dennis Farina, the best-loved American actor best known as Detective Joe Fontana on Law & Order, is being remembered in the television and movie world following his death at the age of 69 this week. Farina - whose style was so inimitable that producers and directors called for 'Dennis Farina types' when casting cops and mobsters - died in Scottsdale, Arizona after suffering a blood clot in his lung.

Farina, who worked as a real life police officer before turning to television and movies, was gifted with a naturalistic acting presence that flourished in the likes of Saving Private Ryan, Snatch and on Crime Story.

One of his last television roles came on Fox's smash-hit sitcom New Girl, on which he played Jake Johnson's character's flamboyant and estranged con man father whose attempts to reconnect with his sibling turn out to be an elaborate scam. 

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Drinking Buddies Trailer

Kate and Luke are co-workers at a craft brewery who have a remarkably close friendship where they never fail to make each other laugh and always have time for each other. There's definitely a spark, but Kate is in a semi-casual relationship with music producer Chris and Luke is contemplating marriage with his other half Jill. However, when the couples decide to spend the weekend together, Kate and Luke's similar personalities mean they end up with a lot of time on their own together, to the unease of their respective partners. It proves too much for Chris who thus decides to end it with Kate leaving her homeless and devastated. Luke and Jill agree to take Kate in until she finds a place of her own, but can she and Luke continue to keep their deeper feelings for each other buried in such close circumstances?

'Drinking Buddies' is a romantic comedy about the pain of heartbreak, confusion in affections and finding true love. It has been directed and written by Joe Swanberg ('LOL', 'Kissing on the Mouth') and made its premiere at the 2013 South by Southwest Film Festival. It will soon be released in US movie theatres on August 23rd 2013 and in the UK on November 8th 2013.

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Cats Entertainment! Zooey Deschanel Celebrates Birthday On Set Of New Girl (Pictures)

Zooey Deschanel Jake M. Johnson

Zooey Deschanel films new New Girls

Looks like a real cat-astrophe unfolding on the set of New Girl

Cats, cars and bins; that seems to be what's going down on a forthcoming episode of New Girl if the pictures we have of Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson filming in Los Angeles are anything to go buy. A couple of amusing shots - more of which can be seen in our full gallery - show Deschanel looking befuddled whilst standing next to a car that's got felines, standing looking befuddled next to a bin, and, well, just generally looking befuddled really. 

Continue reading: Cats Entertainment! Zooey Deschanel Celebrates Birthday On Set Of New Girl (Pictures)

Safety Not Guaranteed Review


With a low budget but a lot of imagination and talent, director Trevorrow and writer Connolly create a deceptively simple comedy that's one of the most entertaining films of the year. It's so cleverly written that every moment of the film is hugely engaging, and it's so perfectly played by its cast that we can't help but fall for the likeable, flawed characters.

Set in Washington state, the story centres on Darius (Plaza), a sardonic Seattle magazine intern whose life derailed when she was 14, after her mother's death. So her interest is piqued when she hears about a classified ad asking for an assistant on a time travel mission ("Bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed"). She accompanies arrogant journalist Jeff (Johnson) and fellow intern Arnau (Soni) to a seaside town to write up the story for the magazine, but once they track down the ad's author Kenneth (Duplass), nothing goes as expected.

Each of these three magazine reporters has a full-bodied story, expertly set within the larger investigation of whether Kenneth is nuts or not. All of these characters are caught between their past and the present, exploring who they once were, who they are and who they want to be, which makes them easy to identify with even as they do some amusingly silly things. And the filmmakers cleverly refuse to play into our expectations, keeping us guessing about where the movie is heading. So each scene bristles with possibility, and each twist and turn of the plot and side-plots is both thrilling and hilarious. 

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21 Jump Street Trailer

Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko were enemies in high school. Schmidt was a nerd who looked like Eminem in an attempt to be cool. Jenko was a jock who took particular delight in bullying Schmidt. In a twist of fate, the pair end up at the same police academy after graduation.

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