Jake Gyllenhaal thinks being directed by his famous sister would lead him to him being even more vulnerable on screen.

Despite regularly playing characters on the edge of mental breakdowns in films including ‘Nightcrawler’ and ‘Zodiac’, the actor, 42, thinks he could get even more emotional on camera if he starred in a movie made by his 45-year-old actress and filmmaker sibling Maggie Gyllenhaal.

He told People magazine: “I would adore to be directed by my sister. She sees me for all of my stuff, and she can bring that out in me.

“I think I would show her vulnerability, probably, that I haven’t been able to do onscreen and otherwise because I trust her and I love her.”

Jake also told in the chat how he thinks “listening and being open” are key to a happy relationship.

He has been dating French model Jeanne Cadieu, 27, for the last five years, and said: “It’s all about growing together and listening and being open. It’s really not much different from any relationship when it works.”

Jake and Jeanne have made a determined effort to keep their relationship private, and don’t see any reason to change.

The actor went on: “It’s no secret that I'm in a relationship and it’s a wonderful relationship.

“We are private, but I guess we are who we are. We’re just living our lives. We always have.

“And I love that people are interested, but at the same time, it’s like what’s ours is ours.”

Earlier this year Jake opened up about his lockdown experience, revealing that he “made a lot of sourdough bread” amid the pandemic.

He lived next door to fellow Hollywood star Jamie Lee Curtis, 64, during lockdown, and she revealed that they helped each other through the health crisis.

The actress, who is Jake’s godmother, told People: “We’ve just gotten to know each other. He also lived with me during Covid for almost a year.

“He and Jeanne lived in the house next door that I have.”

Jake said he’s continued to bake post-lockdown, adding: “I am still eating sourdough.

“Yes. I haven’t stopped. Even though we’re out of the pandemic, I am still making sourdough.”