Gyllenhaal reveals Ledger's overdose death in 2008 was a huge blow and made him focus more on what is important in his life.

He tells, "I miss him as a human being and I miss working with him and what an unfortunate thing it is that we won't be able to see the beauty of his expression.

"I'm trying to be present where I am. I'm trying to have relationships that are as real as they possibly can be on a movie set, be close to people because I know that it's precious. And I know, not only can this career end in a very short period of time and this or that can happen, but also that life is precious."

Gyllenhaal is also grateful he got the chance to be part of Brokeback Mountain with Ledger, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams and director Ang Lee, because it was a life-changing experience that made him take less for granted.

He adds: "Being a part of a family... (in) that movie we all made together makes you see that, makes you appreciate that and hopefully moves you away from the things that really don't matter to the things that do."