Hollywood heart-throb Jake Gyllenhaal has a huge physical flaw he can do nothing to correct - an oversized head.

The star of The Good Girl, currently dating actress Kirsten Dunst, admits his "abnormally-sized" head is one which has proved to make things a little difficult - especially on the set of his new movie Brokeback Mountain, which also features Heath Ledger.

Gyllenhaal says, "In the movie that I'm doing now they all made special hats for me. Heath has a fine-sized head.

"We just did a make-up test the other day and they were all bringing our make-up in and stuff and it was like the hats were the special moment. 'Jake's special hats are coming; they're coming in!' I felt so insecure because of it.

"Just don't mention special hats!"

And if head transplants were possible, Gyllenhaal certainly knows who he'd swap places with.

He adds, "I'd like James Franco's head. That'd be a good head!"

23/05/2004 21:16