Jake Bugg lives on a tourbus.

The 'Lightning Bolt' hitmaker admits he constantly feels like he is on tour as he has no place to call home and even stays in hotels when he isn't working.

He said: ''I do have a tourbus, so that's kind of home, so I'm not homeless. I live on a tourbus. I'm probably a gypsy, not homeless.

''I love the tourbus and I love being on the road, but at the same time when you finish a tour, all the band and everybody goes home... But for me, I stay in hotels so it feels to me that I'm on a constant tour.''

However, the 20-year-old musician insists he doesn't mind his rootless life.

He added: ''I might as well do it now while I'm at my age. It's what I wanted to do.''

Despite his chart success, Jake insists he is ''just a normal guy''.

He told NME magazine: ''I'm just a normal 20-year-old guy who writes a few songs.

''People like listening to them. That's all there is to it.

''It doesn't make me any more special. I'm just a normal guy.''