Jake Bugg has released acoustic track 'Saviours Of The City'.

The 'Two Fingers' singer decided to drop the song early as he believes it will ''resonate'' with his fans during the unsettling coronavirus pandemic.

He said: ''I wrote this last year with my mate Robert (ONR). It's a song I didn't envisage releasing this early, but it seems to resonate with what's going on right now and makes sense of it for me in some ways.''

On the chorus he sings: ''It's all on us/The road's in the dust/We were born to be/ Saviours of the city/ We were never meant to see.''

The latest song from the 26-year-old singer/songwriter follows the release of 'Kiss Like The Sun', his first release on Sony's RCA Records, which kick-started his departure from his roots.

He said previously of his new direction: ''There'll be less guitars. I can write slow, ballady songs all day, but I'm trying to keep it up tempo.

'''Kiss Like The Sun' is light-hearted and I want this record to be more fun. I want something modern and current, but with my DNA and voice in there.''

Meanwhile, Jake teamed up with dance duo Camelphat on 'Be Someone' last year, and admitted he was shocked by how ''supportive'' the electronic world was compared to the guitar world.

The 'Lightning Bolt' hitmaker described the latter as ''egotistical and competitive''.

He said: ''I was taken aback by how supportive the electronic world is of one another. Everyone has each other's back, whereas in the guitar world it gets more egotistical and competitive. I said a few bitchy things when I was younger, as sometimes we've let our ego get hold of us. That's silly - we should be supportive.''

Jake is poised to release more new tracks soon.