Jake Bugg has blasted modern music for lacking ''soul''.

The 'Lightning Bolt' singer has hit out at ''manufactured pop'' acts for filling the charts with meaningless tracks, and described a lot of mainstream songs as ''weird trumping sounds''.

He told the Sunday Times Magazine: ''Manufactured pop bands, they don't have any heart, they don't have any soul.

''It's really sad for me, when you work hard at what you do with your guitar, and then you pop the radio on and it's like some weird trumping sound coming out of it ... I want to like contemporary music. It's not my fault that it doesn't sound very good.''

The 20-year-old singer accepted he sounded old-fashioned with his assessment of mainstream pop music, but insisted the fact he held these views at a young age proves the extent of the problem.

He explained: ''Yeah, but if I'm a 20-year-old and I'm saying that, then I think we should be worried. All the lyrics are about one night stands, holding your glass up and twerking and stuff like that.

''I know I might sound like a dad, but it's frustrating to hear people my age going on about stuff like that when, personally, I think there are more important things in the world.''