Actress Jaime Pressly is heading back to TV after a two-year break following the finale of her hit show My Name Is Earl.
The star won a Primetime Emmy award for her portrayal of brash blonde Joy Turner on the series, which wrapped in 2009.
Pressly took time out of the limelight to stay at home with her young son Dezi, who is now four, but she's returning to the small screen for a new comedy series, I Hate My Teenage Daughter.
She tells Access Hollywood, "He (Dezi) was just a year and a half old when I stopped shooting 'Earl', so I got two years to be home with him, which was wonderful.
"I couldn't run back to work quick enough, though. All you at-home mothers? Kudos to you. I cannot do what you do. I did it and it was tough."
But despite admitting she was desperate to return to work, Pressly insists she waited until she found the perfect project.
She adds, "I really wanted to make sure that what I did wasn't something that just was gonna be half-a**ed, that it was something that was gonna be really, really great, working with really great people and also from great writers. We got all of that."