Jai Courtney, the American actor who will star in the forthcoming Terminator movie Genisys, is in talks to join David Ayer's DC Comics movie Suicide Squad. According to Variety, Courtney is being eyed for the role of Batman villain Deadshot.

Jai CourtneyJai Courtney could play Deadshot in Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is shaping up to be a true A-listers movie, with Tom Hardy, Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto in some stage of negotiations for the movie. Based on the famous comic, the movie will centre on a team of super villains who are given a shot at redemption by the government. 

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Warner Bros want Leto to play Joker in the film, while Robbie is being eyed to play Harley Quinn (though Cara Delevingne could also snag that role). British actor Hardy could play the Suicide Squad founder member Rick Flag, while the biggest of the bunch, Smith, is likely to play Flash nemesis Digger Harkness, aka, Captain Boomerang.

Tom HardyTom Hardy is also in talks to join the much hyped Suicide Squad

Warners are also courting Jesse Eisenberg to reprise his Lex Luthor character (who will debut in Dawn of Justice) for the movie.

Though not as recognizable as other villains in the comic book universe, Deadshot, also known as Floyd Lawton, is a key character in the Batman world. He has a major death wish and a strong bond with Catwoman.

Suicide Squad would mark another major Hollywood project for Courtney, who made his name alongside Bruce Willis in A Good Day to Die Hard. He also played the villain in Divergent and plans to reprise the role in Insurgent, due next year. However, it is 2015's Terminator Genisys that will represent Courtney's biggest role to date.

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