Jahmene Douglas may not have won the X Factor, but he seems to be set for a successful career anyway.

The 22-year-old supermarket clerk from Swindon has apparently captured the hearts of judges and fans alike. Douglas chose Let it Be as his winner’s song and, while it wasn’t enough to secure him the victory, it seems have caught the eye of the people who really matter in the business. The deciding voice himself, Simon Cowell, has mentioned that he has big plans for the singer. Cowell has mentioned being impressed with the This could mean that, despite missing out on the title, Douglas might follow in the steps of some other notable X Factor losers, like Olly Murs, Rebecca Ferguson and JLC, who have all released successful albums after their time on the show.

Like many talent show contestants, the singer has the story of a troubled childhood to spur him onwards and perhaps give him that much needed bit of depth to succeed in a competition, based on the popular vote. However, he has definitely earned his success on his own merits, having impressed judges and viewers alike with his consistently strong vocal performances.

With all of this praise heading his way, it doesn’t seem like Jahmene will be getting back to that supermarket job for a while.