Jaden Smith thinks he's ''one of the craziest human beings to ever exist.''

The 17-year-old actor, whose parents are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, says ''it's an honour'' to be considered eccentric and believes he's on a par with Italian astronomer Galileo, who played a major role in the scientific revolution during the Renaissance.

The 'After Earth' star said: ''It's so much fun. It's the best thing. People think you're crazy - I feel like it's an honour, actually, for people to think I'm crazy. Because they thought Galileo was crazy, too, you know what I'm saying? I don't think I'm as revolutionary as Galileo, but I don't think I'm not as revolutionary as Galileo.

''I rarely go to parties. My whole life is just dedicated on learning and breaking, like, the craziest records of life, and being like one of the craziest human beings to ever exist. That's me.''

Jaden hinted he's planning to turn his back on Hollywood in the future to study at MIT [Massachusetts Institute of Technology], so he can ''bring in new technologies into the world.''

He added: ''No one will know where I am in 10 years. They'll see me pop up, but they'll be like, 'Where'd you come from?' No one will know. No one will know where I'm at. No one will know who I'm with. No one will know what I'm doing. I've been planning that since I was like 13.''

But the 'Karate Kid' star wants to help people ''through art installations.''

He told GQ magazine: ''It'll be like, 'This just happened that helped a bunch of people over here. We don't know who did it, but these symbols and things were left around, so we can only guess that it's Jaden and the squad.' ''