Jaden Smith was inspired to make his clothing brand more "professional" after a trip to Italy.

The 'Karate Kid' actor launched streetwear brand MSFTS with is sister Willow, actor Moises Arias and his brother Mateo aka Téo, in 2011 and in recent times, they knew they wanted to take the firm in a different direction, but it took a trip to Europe to give the group new focus.

Jaden said: “Before we went to Italy, we didn’t work as professionally as we do now.

"Before, it was just us making the clothes and releasing whenever we wanted, off the schedule. Now, we’re taking this seriously—but at the same time, we’re being equally as reckless and all over the place with our designs.”

The new collection has been made more sustainable and the group are keen to "set trends" within the fashion industry when it comes to standards.

Jaden explained to W magazine: "“That was a huge part of moving over to Italy: for sustainability, and making sure the people who are making these clothes are getting paid the right amount of money and their health is being taken care of. We want to begin to set trends within the fashion industry, the way Elon Musk has done in the electric car industry—he’s making all of these car companies switch over to electric.

"You’re going to see a bunch of other people using sustainable practices just as an industry standard now. That’s what we want to do with MSFTS.”

And the 23-year-old star has other ideas he is keen to put in place.

He explained: “I want to have a full apple leather line. I want to take old clothes and print on them instead of creating more clothes. I want to make sure people are actually donating the clothes I don’t sell, instead of destroying them and putting C02 in the atmosphere.

"I’m trying to create a new status quo within the fashion industry so that moving forward, other brands can be inspired by what we’re doing.”