Could there be a friendship brewing between Shia LaBeouf and Jaden Smith? Will Smith’s progeny hopes so – an artist-to-artist kind of thing. Jaden said so in a heartfelt message on Twitter, in which he reached out to the apparently troubled LaBeouf.

Jaden Smith, Pre-Grammy Celebration
LaBeouf's got a friend in Smith, whether he wants to or not.

"I waited in line today on Beverly Blvd to see (Shia LaBeouf) I never got see him but I had a very important message to deliver... It was a message that only could be understood artist to artist... I'm here for you I believe in what your (you are) doing... I'm here if you need a fellow insane person to talk to. But I'm seriously here not like one of those 'I'm here for you's' that everybody says," Smith wrote in a series of tweets.

Jaden Smith, Believe World Premiere
Seriously though...

That sounds like some serious support. On top of that, LaBeouf is the only person Jaden follows on Twitter. In bromance terms, that would be the equivalent of an engagement ring. Or a Facebook relationship status update. Or something in between. Either way, LaBeouf doesn’t seem to reciprocate Jaden’s feelings, or at least he hasn’t said so publicly.

There’s always the chance that after his recent antics, LaBeouf has gone so deep into hiding, that we just haven’t heard anything about the budding friendship. Though judging by the fact that even the actor’s trips to the grocery store get written about, it’s unlikely the paps will have missed a beer run with Jaden Smith. Obviously, CM will keep you posted on any and all developments in this matter of international importance.

Shia LaBeouf, Berlinale Festival Nymphomaniac Premiere
So far, LaBeouf hasn't taken Smith up on the offer.