What is going on between Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder? The couple's relationship is allegedly in trouble after a shot of Sarah and another man in bed together was posted on social media. We know guys and girls can just be friends, but bed friends is different. And it's even more suspicious that it got deleted.

Jaden SmithIs it game over for Jaden Smith's relationship?

18-year-old Jaden has been dating his 21-year-old model girlfriend Sarah for about a year now, and things seem to be pretty sweet between the pair. He posted a snap of them together on Saturday (July 30th 2016) with the caption 'Happy Birthday Princess'. 

However, yesterday evening (August 1st 2016), a very different picture emerged. A photographer known as Gunner Stahl uploaded a photo of him and Sarah in bed together with the caption 'I told her bro', and even tagged Jaden in the Tweet. Needless to say, it got deleted very quickly, but not before HollywoodLife managed to screengrab it.

Weirdly, Jaden and Sarah were together only hours before at the premiere of 'Suicide Squad' in New York. There they were seen kissing and hugging, without a care in the world.

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Since the incident, Sarah has put her Instagram profile to private. Also, Jaden isn't following her on Twitter which could be quite telling if it wasn't for the fact that he has followed and unfollowed her before for seemingly no reason and continues to follow her on Instagram. He hasn't actually commented on the rumours as of yet, and there are no cryptic messages to be found anywhere. 

There's probably a totally reasonable explanation and the shot was probably innocent. We're just wondering why, if that's the case, Gunner bothered to take the photo down afterwards. Is it because he and Sarah found themselves getting loads of hate for it? Or is the situation really as bad as it looks?