Jade Jagger ''doesn't feel like'' a grandmother.

The 43-year-old jewellery designer's eldest daughter, 22-year-old Assisi gave birth to a baby girl named Ezra in May but Jade - who had her third child, son Ray, just weeks after becoming a grandparent - doesn't feel any added responsibility.

She said: ''It's great. It doesn't feel like being a grandmother. I guess it just feels like there's another child in the family.''

Jade - who has another daughter, 18-year-old Amba - was thankful she and Assisi went through their pregnancies at the same time and are enjoying sharing experiences of caring for young babies.

She said: ''It's definitely made us closer. It's been really nice to share those mundanities of life's difficulties as a parent, like getting up at the crack of dawn. Someone out there is going through the same experiences. She gets it and we just support each other.''

Jade, who has Ray with her husband Adrian Fillary, admits she was more ''nervous'' about being a mother again than when she was expecting her daughters, whose father is her former partner Piers Jackson.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: ''Motherhood [this time] has been a great experience. I think it's the same as it was first time round, although I was a bit nervous.''