The life of late British reality Tv star Jade Goody is to be immortalised in a new opera.

The star, who shot to fame on the U.K. version of Big Brother in 2002, was just 27 when she lost her fight with cervical cancer in 2009, and now she will be remembered in a new U.K. theatre production.

Playwright Afsaneh Gray admits she was inspired to create the show, titled And the Crowd (Wept), by Goody's tragic story.

She tells Britain's The Independent, "I was a medical secretary just at the time when Jade Goody got ill with cancer, and the two women I was working with were coming in everyday with The Sun and Ok! magazine. And they took really opposing ideas of her. One was like: 'Poor Jade she's a mother-of-two and she's dying of cancer.' And the other was like: 'She's a racist, she deserves everything she gets.' Everyone has an opinion about her."

The show will open next month (Aug13) during the Tete a Tete opera festival at the Riverside Studios in London.

It comes two years after a show based on the life of another tragic reality Tv star, Anna Nicole Smith, opened in the British capital. Anna Nicole: The Opera premiered in 2011 at the Royal Opera House and won positive reviews.