Rapper Jadakiss went ahead with a concert in Swaziland, Southern Africa on Saturday night (23Apr11) despite protests from members of a youth group who urged fans to boycott the gig.
The hip-hop star took to the stage for a show in Swaziland in aid of the Prince Lidani Foundation, an organisation named after the country's King Maswati Iii.
Members of the Swaziland Youth Congress, a banned opposition group, previously called for a boycott of the gig in protest against the king. Jadakiss refused to call off the show, and the event went ahead despite demonstrations from the group, but the turnout at the gig was affected and less than 500 people attended, according to the Afp.
Swaziland Youth Congress spokesman Mxolisi Nghamphalala has since hailed the protest a success, saying, "We have no problem with Jadakiss personally, we have a problem with taxpayers' money being used to organise activities of this kind. Jadakiss performed and he got his money."