The Dominican-American actress was a singer long before she became popular for playing Flaca on the hit Netflix prison comedy, and when she was growing up the late Mexican singer served as a huge inspiration.

As a tribute, Jackie recently released an acoustic cover of Selena's hit Como la Flor, a track she related to on a deep level.

"She's one of my biggest idols," Jackie tells Billboard. "And her music still lives on. I picked that song because it just reminds me a lot of a relationship I had in the past and it's something I really connect to. The song is about losing a love and you're still happy for him even though he found happiness with someone else."

In the music video for the track, art is imitating life, as Jackie invited her boyfriend, actor and artist Fernando Garcia, to serve as her love interest in the promo.

"He's my video ho!", she joked. "He's a mixologist, and he's also a painter. So what you see is basically our life."

Jackie signed a record deal with music publishing powerhouse BMI last year (14).