In case you’ve never heard of Jaycee Chan, he is the son of actor Jackie Chan. This information is crucial for understanding and caring about the following piece of news. The younger Chan has been detained in Beijing during a recent drugs bust – one of many, conducted in recent years as part of the city’s crackdown on the drug trade. He is suspected of of accommodating suspected drug users in Beijing, local police confirmed on Monday, according to The Associated Press.

A report, posted by the Beijing police on their microblog says that 32-year-old Chan was detained last Thursday, along with Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko (23). The pair were identified only by their surnames, nationalities and ages. Police claim that they have overwhelming proof of guilt, including confessions and positive tests for marijuana from both Chan and Ko, as well 100 grams of the drug reportedly taken from Chan’s home in Beijing. Broadcaster CCTV aired footage of the raid, which shows Chan directing the officers to the stash.

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The raid is one of many following a declaration in June by President Xi Jinping that illegal drugs should be wiped out and that offenders would be severely punished. In Beijing alone, more than 7,800 people have been caught in the crackdown, police said, according to the AP. It is unclear what caused the police to delay the announcement until Monday. The incident might reflect poorly on Jackie Chan, who was named China's Narcotics Control Ambassador in 2009.