Jackie Chan wants to open a museum filled with things he has collected.

The 'Karate Kid' actor plans to create Jackie Chan World, a place where he can put everything he has purchased over the years on show for his fans and also plans to give things away as he has too much "s**t".

He said: "All my props and costumes, I put them there. I want people to go in and see them. Now I am planning Jackie Chan World - everything I've collected all these years will go in there. Teacups and saucers, cars, rocks, spoons.

"In my office, so many s**t! I've got six lofts in Hong Kong and if I want to find an Apple (Mac) I can't find it anywhere. I have to buy a new one. One day, when I die, I want my bank account to be zero. Nothing."

The 56-year-old action star also wants to open a stunt school for actors to train in where he would visit and give advice.

He told Empire magazine: "When I open it I want to visit twice every week. There is a lot to teach. But the most important thing for a stunt-guy is personality - you have to be humble and happy to learn.

"A good stunt guy understands rhythm, timing, even editing and camera angles. Me, Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Stallone, we're only good because the stunt guys are good."