Jackie Chan may have had a crime free career, but that cannot be said about his actor son Jacyee Chan as he was recently arrested in Beijing for drug charges, and later confessed to smoking marijuana, reports confirm.

Jackie Chan
Jackie's son was arrested on Thursday (Aug 14th)

The capital city's police announced on Monday (Aug 18th) that two actors, the 32 year-old son of Jackie, and Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko, 23, were detained last Thursday (Aug 14th) for drug-related offences, the South Chinese Morning Post reported.

The local authorities confirmed they found three-and-a-half ounces of marijuana at the home of Jacyee's, and he also tested positive for the drug prior to confessing to smoking it.

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Chan is currently under criminal detention for "providing a shelter for others to abuse drugs," and if convicted he could face the maximum prison term of three years.

Ko will be left feeling particularly embarrassed by his arrest as he once appeared in an anti-drug public service advertisement in 2012, but he would only face the much less severe penalty of "administrative detention", which lasts up to 15 days if convicted.

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Jackie also faces humiliation after his son's arrest, the Hollywood legend has campaigned against drugs for years, and five years ago he even signed on to be a 'Narcotics Control Ambassador' of the Chinese police.

China is currently undergoing a huge crackdown on high-profile celebrities using drugs, and with over ten celebrity arrests made in the last six months, 42 entertainment agencies signed an anti-drug agreement, meaning they will not hire any actors or singers caught using narcotics.